QUADRA offers a diverse range of SEVEN captivating looks.

Among them, MARBLE & STONE draw inspiration from the exquisite beauty of natural stones. METAL by QUADRA features a design inspired by weathered iron, showcasing an aged chromaticism. CEMENT accurately replicates the appearance of concrete. PRECIOUS skilfully imitates the alluring charm of precious gemstones. FUSION , a testament to human creativity, showcases exclusive and breathtaking designs crafted solely by QUADRA. MONOCHROME, presents a palette of plain white, black, and grey. This design concept seeks to nullify the entire interior, creating a canvas for subtle beauty to emerge and providing a clean and tranquil atmosphere. Each surface within the MONOCHROME line embodies simplicity, offering a blank slate for designers to unleash their creativity and for inhabitants to immerse themselves in a timeless aesthetic.

Each design possesses a distinctive personality, radiating beauty in its own unique way.