You are special because of how your personality, attitude, experiences, habits, creativity, perspective, taste, and goals all come together. Embrace your uniqueness by living in a space that represents you.

Create your very own universe: a space where you live in time, with all the matter you needs.
A space that surrounds you, fits your personality, and fulfills your desires.
Not just one, you can create multiple universes for each of the different spaces.

Make regular furniture into works of art

Loose furniture is movable furniture that is not attached to a wall or the ground; in other words, furniture in the traditional sense. QUADRA breathes new life into traditional loose furniture. 

We are not solely able to manufacture

 We can also assist you in determining the total look of your project and produce other export product.

QUADRA DINAMIKA INTERNASIONAL is a proud Indonesian and globally recognized company which manufactures and markets an innovative building material—sintered stone slab—under the brand QUADRA. QUADRA GALLERY, with 11 showrooms currently located in different major cities in Indonesia, is the sole distributor of QUADRA.