QUADRA is able to respond to changing architectural and design requirements, providing application solutions that would otherwise be impossible. Due to its design and performance features, we can instantly identify QUADRA as part of the interior design. Common interior installations include new or renovated walls, floors, and other surfaces where high design and high durability are paramount.

QUADRA easily furnishes outdoor spaces. QUADRA is nonporous, doesn’t absorb fluids, and is easy to clean. It also does not discolor when exposed to harsh weather and UV, making it appropriate to be applied as a façade, for covering terraces or balconies. QUADRA is resistant to scratches and able to withstand heavy loads, making it ideal for outdoor paving, walkways, garden paths, and other outdoor installations.


Not limited to wall and floor claddings, QUADRA can be cut and worked in different ways, depending on the project at hand. QUADRA can be used in a multitude of imaginative applications thanks to fabrication. QUADRA can be used as a skin of furniture, a countertop, or a tabletop. It is also possible to create furniture entirely out of QUADRA, such as a kitchen island or a sofa