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QUADRA is available in seven distinct looks, three of them are inspired by the beauty of natural stones such as Marble, Stone, and Monochrome. The Precious look features beautiful colours and patterns reminiscent of dazzling precious stones. The Metal look draws inspiration from the rustic surface of aged iron, while Cement look resembles concrete. The Fusion look is a true masterpiece, exclusively available from QUADRA. Each motif in this collection represents a perfect combination of human imagination and cutting-edge technology, resulting in a truly emotional experience. All of QUADRA’s looks have their own unique personalities and are beautiful in their own way.

Quadra is able to respond to changing architectural and design requirements, providing application solutions that would otherwise be impossible. It is not limited to wall and floor claddings; rather, Quadra can be cut and worked in different ways depending on the project at hand, allowing for a multitude of imaginative applications through fabrication. It can be used as a skin for furniture, a countertop, or a tabletop, and it is even possible to create furniture entirely out of Quadra, such as a kitchen island or a sofa. Additionally, organic shapes or one-of-a-kind ornaments can be made. The only limitation is one’s imagination.

QUADRA DINAMIKA INTERNASIONAL is a proud Indonesian and globally recognized company which manufactures and markets an innovative building material—sintered stone slab—under the brand QUADRA. QUADRA GALLERY, with 11 showrooms currently located in different major cities in Indonesia, is the sole distributor of QUADRA.